Wei Koh's Blamo! Podcast On Style, Film and Fashion

In a particularly rakish episode of renowned style podcast Blamo!, Wei Koh speaks with Jeremy Kirkland about his background in film and fashion and how he came to establish The Rake.

Friend of The Rake and all-round awesome (not to mention supremely stylish) guy, Jeremy Kirkland is renowned as a veritable authority in the world of men's fashion. His hugely successful weekly podcast Blamo! offers a deep-dive into the sartorial universe, as he interviews influential personalities in the industry about their career trajectories and outlooks on the future of fashion.

One such figure was the The Rake's very own Wei Koh, who was honoured to sit down with Jeremy for a recording ofBlamo!.In the episode, he revealed what he's learnt about himself and his relationship to style throughout his extensive career in film and publishing, as well as his insights into the future of editorial writing and the merging of publishing and e-commerce. It plays out like a conversation between two good friends, because ultimately, that's what it is.

Intrigued? Have a listen for yourself here.


Aobh O'Brien-Moody


January 2019


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