Fralbo: Neapolitan shirtmakers of the highest order

Passionate family tailoring dynasty, Fralbo is now spearheaded by two brothers, who are inherently driven by the art of shirtmaking which was all started by their grandmother Mrs Anna Barone.

In ancient times, sailors once lashed themselves to their masts to avoid being lured to death by seductive mermaids known as sirens. Neapolitans like to claim their home owes its origins to these mysterious aquatic creatures. Fralbo - a third generational shirtmaker seems to slide beneath the surface of noticeability, just like the sirens did. But for those lucky enough to be vigilant, they are instead cajoled back to their traditional methods of meticulously handcrafting shirts which harkens back to the marvellous Mrs Anna Barone, the grandmother of current owners Francesco and Alessandro Boccia. She loved to say, “The shirt is like a second skin.” Unknown to most people, it is why Fralbo produces shirts for a long list of reputable houses that you will certainly be familiar with.

The has the pleasure of offering Fralbo's exquisite craftsmanship. The latest collection comes with a new opportunity to buy two flannel jackets, of which more later. But firstly, onto their mélange of Egyptian cotton shirts, which all seem to percolate this subtle fluidity, which is so rarely witnessed in business-oriented shirts, although their versatility proclaims they’re suitable for any occasion if paired appropriately. Handmade in Naples, their pale blue Egyptian cotton shirt bears all the profound hallmarks of fine shirting, including a spread collar, rounded single-button-cuffs and chevron-stitched mother-of-pearl buttons. The addition of tonal gussets keeps the seams durable.


    Freddie Anderson


    February 2020


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