French Dressing

As Contributing Editor at super-chic compendium Parisian Gentleman, Paul Fournier has much to live up to - yet with his strict adherence to quality, detail and texturing, he presents himself as nothing other than a walking style bible.
French Dressing
A flâneur of the highest order, Mr. Paul Fournier considers his dress with a fastidious attention to detail - not that you'd know it, so natural is his style. His aesthetic is characteristically chic, colourful, debonair and, one might dare say, rather à la mode. But one expects nothing less of' the Contributing Editor of Parisian Gentleman.
Without a handkerchief in his breast pocket, Paul feels 'naked'. Drake's silk-wool blend prints are a personal favourite. The formality of his outfit always dictates the sobriety of the hanky.
The design of Paul's lapel pin is inspired by a Chinese Qing dynasty ceremonial tunic button, and displays the character Shou, meaning 'longevity'. It is testimony to his belief in quality.
These chocolate-brown brogues from Carmina are Paul's old faithfuls. Through all weathers and conditions they soldier on (thanks to the quality of leather) - one reason why Paul 'always ends up wearing Carmina'.
Paul's bespoke blazer by Anderson & Sheppard is one of his most valued jackets. Cut in a durable 13oz worsted from Smith's Woollens, it is capable of keeping up with his international lifestyle.
Paul prefers watches made with meticulous in-house movements. His Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Sun-Moon Date ticks the requisite box, and was purchased to celebrate the signing of his first employment contract.
Paul collects bracelets on his travels. They're a convenient way to 'spice up' an outfit and display a dash of wit. The curious skull-adorned example serves just this purpose, sitting as it does in stark contrast to Paul's natural optimism.