G. Inglese: Down to Earth

The Rake Values brings you one of Puglia’s most outstanding and flamboyant sartorial houses…

Based in Puglia, in the country’s south, Italian provenance is at the very core of G. Inglese’s identity. To the second-generation leader of this family company, Angelo Inglese, the ‘Made in Italy’ appellation, “This is the most important value. It’s almost everything.”

Why is Italian background and fabrication so important to this specialist in handmade shirts? “We are the country with the greatest heritage and culture, the most beautiful landscapes, design, fashion, the most requested food and wine in the world,” Inglese says. “For our customers, ‘Made in Italy’ equals passion, lifestyle, love for our land, strong attachment to ethics and limitless creativity.” These virtues, he says, “communicate beauty to the many admirers of Italian style around the world.”

Inglese was established in 1955 by Angelo’s father, Gianni, along with his wife and brothers (Angelo’s mother and uncles). Based in the historic town of Ginosa, G.Inglese’s garments are proudly handmade in limited batches, the goods rigorously quality controlled. “This is a company that does not just look for profit — this concept remains a top priority for me,” Inglese says. “Every day, it is a joy for me to manage a large ‘family’ of artisans, all of whom are educated in ethics, beauty, and synergy with the territory. These are values that guarantee international attention for our creations, and that the most traditional and meticulous processes are adhered to.”

    Inglese believes this approach is good for the soul — and in its own humble way, good for the planet. “Small Italian artisan producers will not be able to change the world, but there is no doubt that they are getting ever closer to a philosophy that aims more and more to establish a harmonious relationship both with the environment and with people.”

    He was attracted to The Rake Values initiative and sought out a partnership with this platform as he admired its egalitarian thrust. “We see this as a significant project, which continues to look with particular attention to quality and style but with a more democratic, accessible price idea that gives everyone the opportunity to possess certain garments that may have only been a dream previously,” Inglese explains. The hope is that consumers introduced to a higher standard of craftsmanship via The Rake Values will begin to gain a deeper appreciation for authentic quality. Inglese counsels that the aspiring classicist must “Learn to read and judge a garment in its entirety. Do not dwell only on the superficial aesthetics. A good tailored garment could never be separated from the quality of the fabric, from the perfection of the model and cut and the maniacal finishing touches,” he says. “In short, please, look to those who work with passion, imagination, creativity between tradition and innovation.”

      This is the company philosophy, as Inglese puts it: “To revisit and reinterpret iconic garments according to a well-defined vision, creating clothing intersecting classic and contemporary.” His goal is to craft a product with inherent value. “This means possessing something truly extraordinary: in terms of quality, ethics, beauty, history, emotion. These are requirements,” he says, of an item with real worth. “A product has good value when you have managed to give it some of these characteristics. It is not necessarily related to the price. No, it is something else…”


      August 2019


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