Gaiola: Rich tones from the relics of Naples

A design concept aimed at the type of person who cherishes heritage and expertise but is at the same time future-facing experimental, Gaiola offers a fresh tailoring perspective heading into winter.

Gaiola continues its personal evolution in designing wearable and relaxed clothing typical of the Neapolitan roots of its namesake island. Gaiola's unhinging rock structure in a wide array of beautiful and natural tones informs the creative process for the brand’s collections.

The implementation of characterful separates is a well established fixture in menswear; even more so with 2020’s dysfunction. The change in tact into how we dress is only going to escalate further. Since its inception, Gaiola designs have harbingered a lightweight and unstructured feel to their jackets in a contemporary way. Both the Prince of Wales check jackets closely allude to these rich Neapolitan autumnal tones, where the combination of colours such as Pompeii red and butterscotch yellow are rare and discreet introductions. Many versions of the Prince of Wales check have been attempted, but you won’t find any with the calibre of artistry in the texture as these.


    Freddie Anderson


    September 2020


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