New On our Radar: Gaiola

Brainchild of Alessandro Agazzi and Fabrizio and Cristiano De Petrillo, Gaiola is a fresh new view of Neapolitan tailoring…

You don't have to visit Naples to know that Neapolitan tailoring is thriving right now. The 'soft tailoring' approach that is so typical of the Southern Italian style has become incredibly popular as men in both hemispheres of the world demand a more lightweight and unstructured feel to their jackets. That's not to say that the English tailoring tradition is dead, rather that the Italian style travels better, and given the fact that we hop around this spinning orb more than ever, comfortable, versatile suiting is a must.

We're vociferous champions of the Neapolitan style here at The Rake, with some of our most popular brands hailing from that region: think Rubinacci, De Petrillo, Orazio Luciano, Sartoria Dalcuore and Isaia. So when a new cat comes onto the scene offering the sartorial knowhow of the Neapolitan masters but with the vision of an entirely fresh and contemporary menswear brand, our ears naturally prick up. Said cat is Gaiola, the brainchild of Alessandro Agazzi and Fabrizio and Cristiano De Petrillo, a refreshingly well-priced concept aimed at the type of person who cherishes heritage and expertise but is at the same time future-facing experimental. We caught up recently with Alessandro and picked his brains about this exciting new label...



    Ryan Thompson


    August 2019


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