George Cleverley: Never Standing Still

Traditional British shoemaker George Cleverley continue to adapt their ready-to-wear line, with refreshing contemporary styles blended in with new iterations of their iconic models.

When it was put to Manolo Blahnik, “Who wore the best men’s shoes?” by distinguished menswear journalist Peter Howarth – the Spanish fashion designer and founder of the eponymous high-end shoe brand offered a surprising reply.

“It was Tina Chow,” he said. “She used to wear mostly men’s shoes – by George Cleverley.” Blahnik went on to say: “I’ve never seen a woman so elegant”. It would be hard to disagree with Manolo. Tina’s gamine yet delicate beauty – mixed in with her Eurasian heritage, saw her become one of the most influential models of all-time – and a favourite muse for the likes of Helmut Newton and Cecil Beaton.

Transatlantic relationships with clientele, many of whom happen to be some of the most iconic and celebrated individuals in the history of entertainment – have been formed organically. It is perhaps what sets the brand apart from many other shoemakers. They never give shoes away for free or sponsor famous people. Instead, many of their custom comes their way through word of mouth. It is known that Tina’s husband of 18 years, Michael Chow personally recommends George Cleverley to his friends and customers of his restaurants.


    Freddie Anderson


    April 2021


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