The most essential winter accessories

Accessories may be small, but they are significant nonetheless. Here we present to you a winter masterclass of the best accessories to buy a loved one.

David Niven and Cary Grant in The Bishops Wife, 1947. Photo by RKO / Album and courtesy of Alamy.

The easy part is to identify and congregate the crux of an outfit, only for it to slightly fall short in its potential. This is where carefully chosen accessories come to the fore: simple yet effective, they provide the final piece of the puzzle — taking your look from marginal refinement to bona fide elegance. They have the ability to inject some subtle flair, thus helping to express one’s individuality. Here on we have an extensive list to help achieve this, but once you’ve finished shopping for yourself, use the opportunity to stock up on Christmas gifts for loved ones.

Last year it would have been inconceivable to start an accessory edit off with masks. A fairly common sight in the major cities of the Far East, they were not really on the radar in the UK. Spending a touch more on masks, which are designed in accordance with recommendations from the NHS and other authoritative sources, is wise for peace of mind. Early adopters of the masks, Serà Fine Silk use beautiful silks from Como, whilst Dapper Villains use 100% Egyptian cotton for comfort. Everything is rather dull at the moment, so why not have some fun with a stylish paisley silk mask from Serà Fine Silk or with The Rake limited edition Negroni Dachshund print masks from Dapper Villains.

Smart, casual and sometimes louche, the scarf has the rare ability to transform the character of your outfit. It’s not only down to the scarf itself, but how you want to wear it. As the frost starts to bite, it also covers the trapezius area of your body which sometimes suffers from the wind tunnels that a collar fails to prevent. If you’re looking for insulation, Johnstons of Elgin's Black Watch tartan classic cashmere scarf will do the job. Alternatively, there is a beautiful selection of wool and silk paisley print scarves from Serà Fine Silk. Fumagalli 1891 who have been based in silk mecca Como for over 120 years will inject some old-school glamour with their discerning variety of colours.

    Trying to get your mitts on artisanal gloves is no easy feat. Luckily here on we have sleek deerskin gloves from German leather specialists Dalgado, knitted cashmere gloves from Neapolitan tailoring titans Rubinacci and vibrant cashmere lined gloves from Omega SRL. Long walks are the escape for many folks right now, which is a good reason to invest in some high-quality and stylish gloves.

    Some scientists debunk the myth that you lose most heat through your head. Whilst the jury may still be out on that particular notion, one thing is for certain - a cosy hat is obligatory on a winter’s day. Country of Origin who we warmly welcome into the e-commerce fold have assembled a collection of resplendent beanies from supersoft lambswool. There are also cashmere iterations from the likes of Connolly and Cifonelli. Depending on the occasion, or if the arctic chill is blowing the other way, a Bakerboy hat from Cappellificio Biellese is a casual option whilst a felt Fedora from Lock & Co. is more suited to traditionalists.

    One myth where the truth never materialises, is that of socks vanishing in the washing machine. Completely miffed by my own sock disappearance acts, it’s something I’ve resigned myself to never knowing. Following this assertion, the rational thing is to buy more socks than you need. Timeless cotton socks can be found in New & Lingwood’s extensive sock portfolio, whilst Bresciani specialise in high-quality over the calf versions which can be found in a variety of luxurious fabrics. The London Sock Company sell in 15-pair sets if you prefer to buy in bulk.

      Not necessarily for winter, but a fundamental accessory to have in your arsenal are belts. The leather hoop can also add a thematic touch to your look, such as emanating the style of the Old West. Part of Adriano Meneghetti’s Western-inspired collection is their dark brown Santa Fe leather studded belt. It’s a powerful statement of the Western style and rare to see at this sort of price point. For something a little more classic in style Elliot Rhodes and Hardy & Parsons also produce high-quality leather belts.



        Freddie Anderson


        November 2020


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