Richard Geoffroy bestrode the champagne industry as the veteran cellar master at Dom Pérignon, but three years ago he decided to take a leap of faith. The result is IWA 5, a sake that will change your perception of the drink forever.
Designed by Marc Newson, the IWA 5 bottle is “an object made for pleasure, brimming with a warm humanity”, according to Richard Geoffroy, the man behind IWA (Photo by Jonas Marguet)

According to the Derek Bok Center at Harvard University, memory works in the following way: it is encoded in the senses either acoustically, visually or through tactile experience. At this stage, information flows from the cortex — the area richest in nerve cells — to the hippocampus, a structure embedded deep in the temporal lobe. It is stored there as electrical patterns in four different types of memories: long term, short term, working and sensory. Sensory memory is a deep-freeze storage system that gets transferred to short-term memory each time you are reminded of some seminal sensory experience. Because it is stored so deeply in our brains, it sometimes triggers surprising and complex emotions. It was, for example, the taste of a madeleine that prompted Proust to write In Search of Lost Time.


    October 2021

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