Good Morning

The Rake’s Editor Tom Chamberlin dissects some of the key rules to abide by, when it comes to mastering the art of sporting morning dress.

I didn’t go to Eton (my twin did) but I feel bad for the fact that morning dress is the uniform. Not because I dislike it, but because there cannot be a worse time in one’s life to live up to sartorial expectations or potential. The whole point of being in your teens is that you wear clothes in a slovenly manner, kick a football around in it and go to the sheds for a cigarette, ready to leg it if a teacher comes. It doesn’t exactly foster good sartorial discipline and frankly there is no point in the process of growing up if you dress like a grown man in your teens. We all have to remember the punk movement happened for a reason, we should all go a bit bonkers in our student years, try everything we need to and see what works after. Tailoring can wait. But if there are any old Etonians reading (a test of loyalty here for my dear twin), do take my sympathy as genuine, there is no reason you can really know what morning dress can look like and who can blame you. Now that Ascot has kicked off, and weddings are optimum British - all the pew squishing and hymn singing with none of the dancing - we at The Rake thought a reminder might be in order.


    June 2021


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