Gowns of Great Renown: Gownsmith

Gownsmith might only be a few years old, but they’ve harbingered a simple yet quality-driven approach to their designs.

Robes of any description were among the first clothes ever worn by humankind. Since then, they have appeared in many incarnations and have been incongruously utilized. Migrating to Europe from the East at the time of the Renaissance, they have permeated global culture on a grand scale. It wasn’t until the potent force of the silver screen, that dressing gowns became more prominent. Lifting off harmoniously with motion pictures in the ‘20s, ’30s, ’40s and beyond, the dressing gown became a highly regarded fashion accessory. Actors, Noel Coward in Present Laughter (1942), Cary Grant in Room For One More (1952) and Sean Connery in Thunderball (1965) each played their part in driving its popularity.

In more recent times – a cascade of casual dressing including the messy layering of hoodies, shawls and track pants has swept the dressing gown away from our wardrobes. The dressing gown is cut with formality in mind, but needn’t be worn with that connotation. People have now had enough of sloppy dressing - and with us being forced to spend much more time in our homes, the gown is making a merited comeback.

Right on cue with its resurgence, we warmly welcome Gownsmith into our e-commerce fold. Neglecting the pomp, flamboyance and indulgence that was appearing to curtail the dressing gown's reputation, Gownsmith have gone back to basics. Co-founder, Tom Beecroft said: “We’ve developed a contemporary take on loungewear without the frills and fripperies. Just great cloth, made well, to make you feel comfortable, in and outside of the home.”


    Freddie Anderson


    November 2020


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