Hallowed Be Their Name: John Lobb

The Rake is honoured to welcome into its e-commerce fold, John Lobb – purveyor of outstanding men’s shoes and boots since 1849.

If you hold the belief that shoes are the cornerstone of any ensemble worth more than the sum of its fibre molecules – which would put you in the company of pretty much everyone perusing this little nook of cyberspace - then John Lobb is as familiar an appellation to you as namesakes from F. Kennedy to Lennon via Cleese.

In case you need a refresher on a brand back-story that really should, by now, have become a Netflix period mini-series: in the middle of the 19th century, the eponymous Lobb, a crippled 22-year-old farm hand, walked from the hilltop Cornish village of his birth to London, his feet protected from the rough thoroughfares by a pair of boots he’d made himself. From London he boarded a ship to Sydney, where he made a living making hollow-heeled boots in which gold-rush prospectors could conceal their booty (intriguingly, to this day many John Lobb heels shapes give a cheeky nod to this nugget of the brand’s history).


    May 2020


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