Hay Fever Season

She is one of the most talented and adaptable British actors of her generation, and with the release of the new Mission: Impossible blockbuster, Hayley Atwell has earned her moment in the sun. She tells The Rake’s Editor-in-Chief, Tom Chamberlin, about the experience of working with another famous Tom…
  • fashion director Grace Gilfeather

  • by Tom Chamberlin

  • photography Kim Lang

Hayley wears Black two-piece wool suit, The Deck; silk bow blouse, Safiyaa; ring, right hand, middle finger, Pomellato; ring, right hand, small finger, By Pariah; engagement ring, Hayley’s own.

The road of happy destiny awaits trudgers like Hayley Atwell. She is a woman who wears her experience, strength and hope as if a loose garment, not a cursed straightjacket — at ease with herself, projecting her comfort via osmosis to those in her company. Inner battles are common in the Hollywood set, an industry in which rejection is currency and the slings and arrows of fame and fortune the Scylla and Charybdis for anyone brave enough to bet their talent (and self- esteem) on its bright lights. It’s worse if you’re a woman.


August 2023


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