Porsche's Turbo Twins

It is not often you get to drive two 911 Turbos back to back. The Mechanists founder Hedi Sersoub set out to see what the 911 Turbo has evolved into since its inception 45 years ago.

Back when it launched in 1975, the 911 (930) Turbo was Porsche’s flagship performance car. It was a super car killer that happened to be the fastest thing to have come out of Germany. It was one of the earliest uses of Turbo charger technology and although it was potent, it would surprise its owners with a huge boost dump, making the car a little prickly to handle and duly earning its nickname ‘The Widow maker’. Strangely enough, that made me want to drive it even more because…

…testosterone. And just look at it!

The hips don't lie
They say, you should never meet your heroes for fear of disappointment. Well, I did just that with the 930 Turbo. If you grew up between the '70s and '80s (or familiar with the online folklore), the 930 Turbo might have been the bedroom wall poster dream car. The 930 still turns heads with that gigantic ‘whale tail’ spoiler, flared wheel arches and wide tyres, all of which are necessary to package that stonking 3.3L flat six turbo. It’s just a bonus that these exaggerated proportions lend the car a sexy yet purposeful presence that demands your attention.


July 2019


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