Height of Summer: Clothes to travel in

With pandemic cutbacks, strikes, and the general pitfalls of travel, there’s never been so many snares to get caught up in. It’s extensively out of your control, but you can do your utmost to weave through unscathed by wearing the appropriate attire.
Kay Kendall and Rex Harrison, 1957 (Image by © Corbis)

There was a time when transportation could be as glamorous, comfortable and as fun as the destination you were going to. Bedecked in lavish décor, the carriages of the Orient Express in the 1930s, maintained the same level of style and luxury as the Ritz Paris and the Pera Palace Hotel in Constantinople (Istanbul). On your route between the two hotels, there was no danger of experiencing a downgrade in opulence. Marked by glamour, haute cuisine, and smart passengers, the same can be said for air-travel in the ‘50s and ‘60s. It wasn’t just the glitz of this type of adventure, it was the little things such as the endless leg-room in your seats, zero overcrowding at airports, and minimal check-in times. Fast-forward to today and travelling has never been more stressful. There's still some restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, and now strikes and staff shortages are causing additional chaos. And this is not counting general pitfalls of travel. The problematic elements of travel can be taken out of your control, but they can also be self-inflicted. Your choice of attire on the day can be the difference between a smooth journey and a distressing one. We’re also of the opinion at The Rake, that like the Golden Age of Travel, you should take enjoyment out of dressing stylishly, which doesn’t have to be at the expense of comfort.


Freddie Anderson


June 2022


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