High Summer Collection with Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo

Alexander Kraft expands his summer repertoire with new twists on classic sporting designs, whilst there is a re-stock of popular pieces from the previous Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo collection.

Not widely publicised, Alexander Kraft played polo to a very high-level across multiple continents. As well as being a pinpoint shot, a fluent tennis player, and now an international tastemaker with his Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo line, he knows a thing or two about sporting elegance.

Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo has used classic sporting designs as a buttress for creating his own subdivision of casual elegance. In this way he has set a precedent to have one elegant anchor piece paired with other more casual pieces. Responsible for the ingenuity of his designs that seamlessly fuse with one another to form this new era of timeless-yet-relaxed elegance, the unique sartorial enactment from Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo has quite simply been a masterstroke.

For the label’s likeminded legion of followers, it is a boost that they can brace themselves for the launch of new styles on a regular basis, and on this occasion the re-stock of some extremely popular Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo garments.


    Freddie Anderson


    July 2021


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