Hot In The Shade(s)

Avrone’s stunningly crafted sunglasses, a discerning choice amongst a wealth of celebrities, have glam-factor that’s as in situ in Gstaad as it is in St Tropez.

Why is it, exactly, that posters promoting The Matrix movies and Velvet Underground gigs would have been only a Planck-length as cool as they turned out, had some misguided stylist plucked the shades from Messers Reeves, Reed et al’s faces before the camera shutters started clicking?

The jury’s out: although plausible theories about why sunglasses are so unfathomably cool include the chiselled effect they lend bone structures, in adherence to societal notions of human beauty, and the fact that they add mystique to the wearer by shutting the blinds on the proverbial window to his or her soul, the eyes.

Whatever the reason, what’s certain is, ever since an Austrian immigrant by the name of Sam Foster popularised sunglasses on the Atlantic City boardwalk, then promoted his company Foster Grant through a series of ads featuring Woody Allen, Raquel Welch and Peter Sellers, celebrities - naturally, perhaps, given that stylishness and anonymity are their dream dichotomy - have become an inherent part of numerous celebrities’ style cache.


    August 2020


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