How Barbanera Gave the Western shirt an Italian touch

Barbanera continue to play a leading role in the renaissance of the Western shirt in the upper echelons of menswear.

The Western shirt domain is a particularly fascinating one, in that, unlike some other garments, the breadth of creative possibility is endless. Not only can adept designers feel confident they can muster up a totally unique iteration, whilst sticking to its origins, but it has the ability to give an outfit a much-needed twist. Thanks in the large part to Ralph Lauren, the traditional garments of the Wild West has never left America’s consciousness. In recent years, it’s also a style that has been embraced with real verve in Europe, ending up within the walls of the fourteenth century Fortezza da Basso, in Florence, at menswear trade show Pitti Uomo. The likelihood is that many of these pieces donned at Pitti were the mastery of Barbanera. Comprising of Sicilian brothers Sergio and Sebastiano and their friend Alessandro, together they have carved out their own niche by expertly mixing Western-inspired apparel into a European framework.


    Freddie Anderson


    October 2021


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