How to introduce summer colours into your tailoring

As the sun begins to brighten our days and our dispositions, here’s how to incorporate a little more cheer into your day-to-day uniform.

For a long time, colourful tailoring was associated with Pitti’s infamous peacocks and catwalk trends that couldn’t stand the test of time. But the ever-evolving shift away from formality and business attire has seen menswear moving towards more playful colour palettes, smart tonal separates and clever combinations that don’t shout to be heard, but are invited to speak. And whilst it’s true that one can’t go wrong with navy and brown in day-to-day tailoring, there are occasions – and seasons – where they just feel a tad, well, uniform, resulting in a sense of relief in the abundance of colour available today.

And summer is upon us: days are longer, skies are brighter, everyone stands a little taller and smiles a little easier. Not only are we dressing for warmer days and later nights, but it’s inevitable that we reflect the collective mood change in our choice of clothes. Fortunately, some of our favourite ateliers have dropped the sartorial equivalent of a serotonin boost, and we’ll take two of each, please.


    June 2021


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