How to navigate the heatwave in style

A heat dome brings record-breaking temperatures. The southern part of the Med is experiencing the effects of it right now. As it moves northwards, the UK could well be sizzling in excessive heat. There are measures you can take to combat the inconveniences of it – and it all starts with the wardrobe.

There’s always a spell every summer when a blistering heatwave strikes. And that moment is now. A “heat dome” nicknamed Lucifer has descended on Europe and has already set provisional temperature records in Spain and Sicily. Even if you have your fans blasting, blinds pulled down or are in a position to decamp to the beach, it can all become a little overwhelming. It is why there have been photographs emerging of people in Spain and Italy resorting to cooling off in town square water fountains. As fun and refreshing as this reactionary measure might be, it needn’t come to that if your wardrobe is well-equipped.

When a heatwave is looming, (consider this our word of warning, Brits) it means you don't have ample time to fill those gaps in your wardrobe. Keeping things simple is actually the order of the day when a heatwave strikes; people often feel the repercussions of sweltering temperatures when they’ve overcomplicated things. Choosing the appropriate fabrics is the first thing to consider. Linen, lighter cottons and seersucker should be your port of call as they’re all lightweight and porous. And in terms of fit, avoid anything too tight, give the clothes and your skin a little space to breathe. Garments that are looser-fitting also emanate a degree of nonchalance, which is no bad thing when others around you are looking hot and bothered. The right hat and sunglasses with maximum UV protetction will also have a major role to play.



Picking a shirt that has the right attributes for a heatwave is extremely crucial. As mentioned, not everyone can flee to the beach, swathes of people are still commuting on hot trains to a work environment. Breathable, tactile and specifically cut with a touch more room through the chest, Anderson & Sheppard’s yellow linen point collar shirt comprises the right characteristics for both the beach and the office. Pair with tailoring or simply roll up the sleeves and throw over some swim shorts. This shirt also comes in beautiful shades of green and blue, making it one of the most adaptable heatwave shirts on the market.


    Freddie Anderson


    August 2021


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