How to style a suit this autumn

Contrary to some opinion, the suit isn’t dead. Firmly back on the radar for the new season, there’s tremendous fun to be had with the way you style it.

For some time now, the thorny naysayers of tradition have been quick to point out that there is little future for the suit. It has only been compounded by the fact that dress codes have become more democratic as a result of the pandemic. Ditching the suit in smarter environments in favour of a whole new dimension of casualwear was becoming the right of passage. However, the tides are turning a little, people are eschewing these methods and are instead seeing the merits of styling a suit to synchronize with this paradigm shift.

With a few exceptions, the formulas for dressing down a suit are nothing new. However, thanks to the less rigid nature of today’s designs, it permits one to exercise it with enhanced freedom of expression. If there’s one season that gives you ample opportunity to mix the traditional elements of your suit with a wide variety of casual items, it is autumn. Not only is it atmospheric, but the broad spectrum of exploits in the calendar gives you license to assemble a myriad of suiting outfits.


    Freddie Anderson


    September 2021


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