A Sundowner with Harrison Osterfield

As he continues his rise, Harrison Osterfield answers a quick-fire round of questions for The Rake – probing into his ideas of happiness, motivation, and the dazzling superstar qualities of Prince. 
Harrison wears, Bronze Geometric Jacket, Brown and White Square Print Tie, Taupe Covert Parallel Trousers, Indigo Denim Hidden Button Down Shirt and Green Paisley Wool Hankie from Edward Sexton; Penny Loafer in Deer Leather from Arthur Sleep Shoes.

“Glorious, this is glorious” Harrison Osterfield remarks, after sipping his Old Fashioned. Life is full of ups and downs, and the young actor is well aware of the power of a well-prepared cocktail to start the week off right, as he sits with The Rake at Mount Street’s ‘Scottish Room’. Harrison looks at home amongst the landscape portraits, the large banquet table, and the cabinets full of crystal decanters and vintage whiskies. His liking is close to the floppy-haired British thespians who starred in period dramas—although he tends to pick more complex roles. His sense of manners and his dry humour only reinforce the fact.Audiences will recognise Harrison from his roles on Netflix’s The Irregulars, or A Woman at Night and Catch-22. Each role is unique; his chance to take risks with his characters and sometimes explore the more complex performance deeper.


February 2023


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