Blue Bloods

Reckon Prince Harry is a rabble rouser? You’ve forgotten about these regal paragons of virtue… From incest and illegitimate children to betrayal and burnished thrones, Ed Cumming finds himself knee-deep in institutional fubars.
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor during a convivial evening in 1956.

The latest round of the British royal soap opera, Carry On Up the Windsors, has occasioned much gnashing of teeth. Many times we have been told that the antics of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have imperilled the royal family itself It’s a stretch. Yes, the young prince had a youthful career that included getting naked in a Las Vegas hotel suite and dressing as a Nazi to a fancy-dress party, as well as more regular falling-out- of-nightclub moments. Yes, he has sought some publicity recently, despite claiming he wanted to move to North America to escape the glare of the rapacious tabloid media. In that sense, Harry comes from a rich lineage, not just in the U.K. but around the world. For every royal who has abused their position, causing untold misery, there are many more who have simply misbehaved. By the standards of royal families, the artist still just about known as Prince barely registers as a miscreant, let alone a threat to the institution. Money and power, especially unearned power, have always been a potent duo, liable to lead to mischief.


Ed Cummings


April 2023


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