An Old Fashioned Please | Eric Vallat

The Rake catches up with Rémy Martin’s CEO and past-fashion extraordinaire, Eric Vallat over a cocktail in Cannes…

Sitting with Eric Vallat at the Hotel Barrière Le Majestic, I am perplexed by how friendly and approachable this man is. As many CEO's of colossal luxury companies go, Eric is by far one of the most humble and honest businessmen in the industry. After chatting about the Cannes Film Festival for some time, and in particular, the Pedro Almodovar film 'Julieta' to which we had just had the pleasure of watching (a feature of beautiful scenes and a harrowing storyline incidentally), we moved onto the topic of how experience within the confines of luxury fashion can enlighten the way to an exciting new opportunities for the House of Rémy Martin; "Rémy Martin is a unique brand, like the fashion brands I have been working for." Eric says, "a brand that never compromised on quality, a brand whose background, patrimony, products and know-how tell the story of a true ambassador of French art-de-vivre, just like fashion brands."

Having worked for some of the most luxury fashion houses in the world, Eric Vallat ascended his way up from the humble beginnings of retail (of which he cites as one of his founding experiences in terms of a helpful and personable work ethic) to Managing Director of Louis Vuitton Europe. From there, Vallat adventured to Tokyo, Japan for a three-year stint as President of Christian Dior Couture Japan where him and the Vallat family experienced a whole new wealth of culture.

Leaving the LVMH house in 2007, Vallat joined EPI Group and later J.M. Weston as Managing Director, concluding a plethora of luxury fashion experience. "Whether at Rémy or at Dior or Louis Vuitton, we are talking of brand building business," says Eric "and what a great opportunity to discover a new sector at the age of 43, a business where people are so passionate and open minded!" Since stepping up as CEO of the House of Rémy Martin in 2014, Vallat has combined all lessons and experiences from his very distinguished professional experience and has made the maison du cognac the ultimate luxury tipple for Rakish men and cognac aficionados alike.


May 2016


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