Opportunity Comes Once In A Lifetime: Craig Roberts

Who can’t benefit from a bit of Eminem to get them going every now and then? Craig Roberts, the star of Submarine and an emerging director, likes to pay a…
Brown wool birdseye suit, Camoshita United Arrows from Trunk Clothiers; white cotton shirt, Canali; copper vintage wool and silk patterned tie, Rubinacci for The Rake. Timepiece, property of Craig Roberts.

Craig Roberts represents a collective of actors that are the descendants of beta-male heroes such as Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate and Matthew Broderick in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It proves that the wider cinema-going audience isn’t always after someone with the muscle mass of a Men’s Health cover model, or who spends most of the day killing bad guys. We were first introduced to Craig through the highly regarded indie movie Submarine. His angsty adolescent mannerisms in the film earned him universal acclaim, and since then we have seen the Welsh actor feature in Bad Neighbours, 22 Jump Street, Kill Your Friends, and Amazon’s hit series Red Oaks. He is currently in preparation for a film he is to direct. The Rake believes that independent and arthouse movies have never been more influential, which makes Craig something of a kingpin in the industry.

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October 2016


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