Rakish Icons: Lorenzo Cifonelli

Tailoring is a funny breed of art. There are the big names; the heritage, the houses and the cuts and shapes—books have been filled about them, and there’s a chance you’re familiar with the lexicon—but strangely, the artists themselves have little appreciation outside of their craft. 
Rakish Icons: Lorenzo Cifonelli.

If Lorenzo Cifonelli was a painter, they might write that he was a little avant-garde. They would add that he came from a long line of other French painters—household figures—who revolutionised a particular style, became favoured by the Guggenheims of the world, and were sought by the stars to hang in their living rooms. Lorenzo rose to prominence as a master of that genre, but often looked to carve out his own path too. By retaining the most distinct elements of his family’s vision, he went on to try new and interesting methods that broke-away with the dogmas of tradition: it is the work of Lorenzo Cifonelli (and the Lorenzo is in bold this time).


August 2022


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