Rakish Icons: Steven Meisel

For those of us who came to admire Steven Meisel’s covers of the famous fashion magazines in the nineties and noughties, revisiting them again elicits a feeling of warm nostalgia. 
Steven Meisel and Madonna, 1992.

These were the glory days of haute-couture—before irony took hold of the industry. It was also an era when the figures behind the camera were as legendary as the subjects and brands that Meisel portrayed. The portraits of supermodels—chief among them Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Lauren Hutton, and a fur-coated Isabella Rosallini—and the scenes of socialites in opulent palaces are the work of Steven Meisel: a photographer who has always flirted between provocation and high taste. The New Yorker is a cult figure; rarely displaying his images even now, and whose glossy magazine covers are complimented by a body of work that reflect the sexuality and freedom of his time.


December 2022


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