The British actor Edward Holcroft tells us what he learned from his father, what’s top of his bucket list, and why he’d need extra protection for his nose if he…

Edward Holcroft is, to his credit, one of the few young British actors who managed to avoid appearing in 2014’s The Riot Club, a film guilty of stereotyping a group of posh adolescents supposedly hell-bent on ruining the reputation of any well-spoken Englishman. While his looks are undoubtedly knockout, and he backs them up with a soothing baritone timbre, Holcroft laughs and smiles more than he doesn’t, and seems to enjoy keeping people around him at ease. His career is only just beginning, but he can boast of roles in the rakish Kingsman: The Secret Service, the widely acclaimed Wolf Hall, and the hyper-noir B.B.C. drama London Spy. He has also just finished a stage version of Les Liaisons Dangereuses at the Donmar Warehouse in London, where he starred alongside Dominic West. Every indication suggests Holcroft is one to keep an eye on.

What is your icebreaker?

Taking the piss out of myself. Depends on the environment, depends on the person. If it’s a girl it may be more flirtatious. I tend to resort to flirting even if it is someone’s mother. It is very much improvisation on the spot, I am a professional liar.

What are you good at?

Table tennis.


April 2016


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