The Authenticator

It is 20 years since Greg Williams was first granted behind-the-scenes access to the James Bond franchise. To mark the moment, 007’s ‘specials photographer’ is making available a unique collection of his finest images.
Daniel Craig photographed on set of Casino Royale.

Since working with the photographer Greg Williams on two consecutive covers for The Rake (Matt Damon and Benicio del Toro, in 2021), I have not been able to resist getting lost in his jet stream. The volume of work he does with Leica in hand would be impressive enough were he not also busy inventing the G-grip, a small device that helps turns your phone into a camera; supporting a new brand of tomato juice called Longbottom & Co. (which is superb, you need to try it); and launching a new venture, Hollywood Authentic, a print product that showcases his candid work with, and intimate access to, the biggest movie stars in the world — all under his own creative control. Our focus here is another of Greg’s projects: a collection of photographs that celebrates the 20 years he has spent shooting James Bond films in his role as a ‘specials photographer’. Greg has covered five Bond instalments, spending anything up to 50 days on set, which is a rare engagement.


April 2023


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