Meet Steve Calder of Informale

Australian label Informale is subverting the notion of a dichotomy between Australian fashion and European tailoring. We spoke with its founder Steve Calder about its introduction into the menswear scene, the informality of its style and how this locally-made brand is creating staple garments for life.

If one were to delve into the intricacies of men’s tailoring in Australia, you will find little to no information on the topic. Its presence is only a blimp in the grand scheme of the nation's fashion history. But with the introduction of the internet came social media and with social media came influence. Steve Calder (@stevecalder), a made-to-measure specialist from Melbourne, has been consumed with menswear and fine tailoring since he was a teen. He introduced Neapolitan tailoring to Australia with his made-to-measure service, Calder Sartoria, and now his ready-to-wear brand Informale (@informale_) is taking off to great acclaim. It’s his influence that is helping drive a sartorial revolution in a country that for a long time associated menswear with 'boardies' and 'thongs'.

“Informale is the Italian word for ‘Informal’, and represents my love for Italy," explains Calder, as we enjoy an espresso in his Melbourne-based studio overlooking the hustle and bustle of this young city. "I wanted to encapsulate the idea of a casual brand with a European flavour, blending in a very specific approach of Italian tailoring with workwear and military style. I’m taking into consideration the classic aesthetics of this style, but elevating it into something more interesting and versatile. And it’s resonating well, not just here in Australia, but globally.”


    August 2019


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