Introducing Mrs. Rake

If you admire him, you will adopt her. Unveiled in the Fari Islands last year, Mrs. Rake is the first step on a journey where women play a role as a counterpart to The Rake, and how it has built its reputation over the years. As the ambassador of Mrs. Rake, I am excited to share the up and about of this new adventure, where it is now possible to peruse Mrs. Rake online.


Who am I?

If you have been following The Rake’s adventures for the past few years ­– both in print and digital – we have met. My name is Eleonor Picciotto, I am the founder of the online media and marketplace, The Eye of Jewelry, founder of Maison Romae and former watch and jewellery editor for GQ France. I am an avid skier, a food lover, and a travel and jewellery addict. I am a Burner – yes, it becomes a status when you have been to Burning Man seven times. I don’t drink, I hate socks, chocolate (even though I live in Geneva), I despise cinnamon, “yes ma’am” and ice water after living in the United States for seven years. I am genuinely passionate about everything I put my hands on, I even get too emotional sometimes – a personality trait I have inherited from my father.

Having Laurent Picciotto as a Dad – an eminent collector of all sorts of things, including watches, motorbikes, jackets, shoes, pins and frankly if I keep going there aren’t enough hours in a day – I have learned from the best what curation, bespoke, values, respect, craftmanship, rock’n’roll and rebelliousness truly are. Growing up, I constructed in my mind what being an adult meant until I joined Wei and Alain on their numerous adventures, only to realize that they were still kids in grown-up bodies. My Father is the same. Not only do I feel proud, but also honored to be part of this family and can’t be more excited to be a woman writing the next chapter of The Rake. So, without further ado, may I introduce Mrs. Rake.


    Eléonor Picciotto


    August 2021


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