Introducing Mrs Rake: The genesis

If you admire him, you will adopt her. Unveiled in the Fari Islands earlier this month, Mrs. Rake is the first step on a journey where women play a role as a counterpart to The Rake, and how it has built its reputation over the years. As the ambassador of Mrs. Rake, I am excited to share the up and about this new adventure.


Who am I?

If you have been following The Rake’s adventures for the past few years ­– both in print and digital – we have met. My name is Eleonor Picciotto, I am the founder of the online media and marketplace, The Eye of Jewelry, founder of Maison Romae and former watch and jewellery editor for GQ France. I am an avid skier, a food lover, and a travel and jewellery addict. I am a Burner – yes, it becomes a status when you have been to Burning Man seven times. I don’t drink, I hate socks, chocolate (even though I live in Geneva), I despise cinnamon, “yes ma’am” and ice water after living in the United States for seven years. I am genuinely passionate about everything I put my hands on, I even get too emotional sometimes – a personality trait I have inherited from my father.

Having Laurent Picciotto as a Dad – an eminent collector of all sorts of things, including watches, motorbikes, jackets, shoes, pins and frankly if I keep going there aren’t enough hours in a day – I have learned from the best what curation, bespoke, values, respect, craftmanship, rock’n’roll and rebelliousness truly are. Growing up, I constructed in my mind what being an adult meant until I joined Wei and Alain on their numerous adventures, only to realize that they were still kids in grown-up bodies. My Father is the same. Not only do I feel proud, but also honored to be part of this family and can’t be more excited to be a woman writing the next chapter of The Rake. So, without further ado, may I introduce the Mrs.


    Eléonor Picciotto


    July 2021


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