Introducing the Zenith A3818 "The Airweight Cover Girl" For REVOLUTION & THE RAKE

Zenith’s legendary Cover Girl gets a dazzling makeover for her 50th anniversary.

OK, so maybe at 78.2 grams as opposed to 2020’s steel watch at 110.6 grams, with a total weight savings of 32.4 grams, our latest collaboration is not the most featherweight timepiece in the world when compared, for example, to such horological exotica like the Richard Mille RM 027. But what I can say is that it is the lightest watch with a full metal bracelet that I’ve ever strapped on. And that is what is so cool about the Airweight Cover Girl. It looks like it would possess substantial heft on the wrist until you put it on, and you have a genuine “Oh shit, that’s light” moment, and that’s the very appealing dynamic contrast between how the watch looks and how it wears. This is probably aided considerably by the Gay Frères designed, ladder-style bracelet which, of course, omits every other traditional center link. This watch is also immediately distinguished from our 2020 Chronomaster Revival limited edition of 100 watches by the appearance of polished center links.


    February 2022


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