Investment Worthy: Cartier CPCP Tortue Minute Repeater

Cartier’s Tortue Minute Repeater sounds the right note for a rare watch with great investment potential.

OK, I’m just going to put it out there. To me, the Collection Privée Cartier Paris Tortue Minute Repeater is the most important modern complicated Cartier watch created. Which is not to say that it is the most technically complex; there are many watches created by Cartier in recent years such as the Rotonde de Cartier Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon that are far more complicated. But for me I’ve always felt that the best use of complicated movements at Cartier is when they serve the design brilliance and extraordinary elegance of the maison’s shaped designs.

Looking back at the last century, I would argue that no brand has contributed more to style and design in men’s watches. Cartier’s purpose was never to be a tool watch used to submerge to depths or climb mountains. Instead, Cartier’s objective was always singular in its focus on elegance to the very extreme. As such, when complications are introduced to a Cartier, to me, they must first of all never compromise the sheer audacious shaped beauty of the design. And second, they must bring some additional emotional dimension to the watch in the form of an unexpected animation or an expressive way of revealing time, which, of course, a striking watch does. The Tank à Guichet where the entire top case of the watch is solid, save for a perfect square hole for the watch’s jump hour and a moon-shaped portal for the dragging minutes, is a brilliant, complicated Cartier. Because it is a watch where technical content serves elegance, style and emotion.

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February 2021


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