When she wore a tailored suit for the first time, Daisy Knatchbull felt like she could rule the world. With her sartorial venture The Deck, Knatchbull hopes many other women will be able to experience a similar emotion.
Daisy Knatchbull, founder of The Deck. (Photo by Charlie Taylor)

When Daisy Knatchbull eschewed sartorial convention and turned up at Ascot’s Royal Enclosure wearing a bespoke morning suit constructed by her then employers, Huntsman, few observers saw her attire as a challenge. As Knatchbull puts it, “it wasn’t some massive statement”, but she adds: “It was saying, ‘Let’s challenge the rules and see what we can do’.” Two years on from that seminal moment, Knatchbull is taking the ancient, noble art of tailoring into loftier realms. Her mission? No less than the empowerment of 50 per cent of the population.

“The suit acts as an amplifier of power,” she tells The Rake. “As soon as I wore a suit that was tailored to me, I felt like I had a seat at the table — that I could rule the world. I’m providing women with the opportunity to have the same level of experience and quality and dedication of focus that their male counterparts have been experiencing for decades, and hundreds of years in some cases. That’s why it’s called The Deck, because it’s about reshuffling the pack, changing the thought process and empowering the woman through suiting.”


May 2022


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