J.Hopenstand: Resplendent leather belts

Popular in the Jazz Age in Paris, amongst the stylish elite, J.Hopenstand is back with equally elegant belts made from the very best leathers.

There’s no need to fear a reprimand for not recognizing the brand's name. It began over 90 years ago in Paris, by talented young leather craftsman Jacques Hopenstand. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, Jacques became well-known in the city, where he would often be frequenting the fine houses of Le Marais, with leather goods his clients had ordered. It was the 1920s in Paris and so naturally he would stay at these grand houses for a tipple or two with his stylish clientele. At its peak, the company was collaborating with several of the larger couture and fashion houses including Schiaparelli and Sacks Fifth Avenue. But as with many family businesses, that gut-wrenching time comes when a new generation can't take it on. And so, the doors finally shut in the 1960s.

It wasn’t until 50 odd years later, in 2015 that it was revived by his great-grandsons Rémi and Renaud. Years of leather goods craft circulating through the minds of family predecessors obviously hadn’t terminated during the defunct demise of the business. Instead, it skipped two generations, when Rémi and Renaud decided to pay tribute to their great-grandfather by recommencing the family business.


    Freddie Anderson


    October 2020


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