Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Memory

An epitome of Art Deco style, the Reverso is at once a high-precision instrument and a diverting toy, capable of captivating its owner and everyone around. No wonder that 90 years on, the love affair with the Reverso is as riotous as ever.  

During the burgeoning period of wristwatch development that was the 1930s, the nascent watch-case industry had very little to go on when it came to style and technique. Most manufacturers scaled down pocket watches and added wire lugs onto them. When most other wristwatches were cased in what amounted to little more than elaborate sweethearts’ lockets, the Reverso case was a pinnacle of technical ingenuity.

Made on request by some officers of the British colonial army, who wanted a watch robust enough to endure the rigours of a polo match,the Reverso was created by French designer René-Alfred Chauvot in 1931. The complex rectilinear case earned a patent for its swivelling mechanism capable of protecting the fragile front glass of the timepiece.


    April 2021


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