Fantastic Beasts and where to drive them: Jaguar Project 8

Resident petrolhead Hedi Sersoub takes the reins of another fantastic beast from the hedonistic engineers at Jaguar. Hold on tight…

Despite the change of seasons, I recently found myself on a sun-filled trip exploring the rugged environment (and extremely open roads) of North East of Wales, hosted by the fantastic team at Jaguar. A true celebration of British lifestyle and heritage, we took to the scenic roads of the local countryside in something that had had me rubbing my hands with anticipation for weeks: the new XE SV Project 8 by SVO. Wales has some dreamy driving landscapes to offer, and this car possessed all the devilish attributes to make full use of the open roads.

For those who don’t yet know, SVO aka Special Vehicle Operations creates the ultimate Jaguars. The fastest models with the highest level of technology to make each one exclusive and limited to 300 units. The F-Type Project 7 was their first “project” inspired by the Le Mans winner D-Type. This time round, they created the most extreme performance Jaguar ever, based on the XE saloon – in fact almost nothing from the XE remains as over 80% of the engineering content is unique. For this, the narrow, winding roads of the wild, Welsh landscape - complete with herds of sheep watching your every move - were more than perfect for the weekend road trip we had planned ahead of us.


    Hedi Sersoub


    November 2019


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