Jan Leslie: Vibrantly Linked to Luxury

Using her abiding dexterity to re-interpret the world around her, Jan Leslie creates beautifully intricate and artful jewellery that makes for a most unique addition to any outfit.
Roger Mazzeo wearing Jan Leslie bracelets and Caruso suit. Photo by Karl Edwin-Guerre.

You can be sure someone has given it their all when they sacrifice everything they’ve built to pursue their dreams. This is exactly what Jan Leslie (owner of the jewellery line of her own name) did after working in some of London’s most reputed finance companies. Eighteen years later, it seems to have paid off - not just because Jan works tirelessly, but also because of her vision to produce classic, luxurious pieces that attract attention whenever worn.

The result is a high-quality jewellery line characterised by vibrant hand-painted enamel and semi-precious stones. Such materials are best appreciated in Jan’s collection of cufflinks or bracelets – where their unique and natural appearance add something tasteful to each outfit. They manage to be both eye-catching and subtle, striking that ideal middle-ground that many seek out in jewellery, but rarely find.


July 2019


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