Why one Joshua Ellis scarf is never enough

The woollen textiles manufacturer uses some of the finest fibres in the world to create accessories we can’t stop wearing

The British fashion and textiles industry need more support than ever before, so if you’re going to invest, it may as well be in something so soft you won’t want to take it off, and so high-quality you won’t ever need to.

Joshua Ellis’ Yorkshire mill was established in 1767, but 250 years later the manufacturer frequently tops ‘2020’s best’ lists covering everything from menswear to scarves. The textile producer works predominantly with cashmere, wool, camel hair and vicuña, using expertise from in-house fibre specialists to ensure only the finest make it to production. Every Joshua Ellis accessory – be it scarf, stole or throw – is made up of natural fibres that are washed, burst, teaselled, cropped and pressed in the mill’s 21-step process.

Then, the fibres are woven and knitted into collections whose quality is of such renown that Joshua Ellis has previously collaborated with Simon Crompton of Permanent Style on a three-piece capsule of jackets, a handful of hats for Lock & Co and accessories for J Crew. All of them employed the brand’s exclusive Escorial wool, a rare and luxurious fibre from small sheep that originated in Spain, and today can only be found in Australia and New Zealand.


    November 2020


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