Kit Blake: Ahead of the trouser curve

Kit Blake continue their classic-cut trouser revolution, except this season there is evidence of a few modern twists to suit informality.

When Kit Blake burst onto the menswear scene it was a refreshing paradigm shift away from the omnipresent low-waisted and overly-tapered models that saturated the market. So universal were these designs, it seemed that trousers of classical proportions worn by the icons of the silver screen such as Cary Grant, Gary Cooper and Humphrey Bogart had faded into obscurity. There is the option of bespoke or the great Edward Sexton for a slightly subversive take on classic trousers, but in the circuit of British tailoring, people didn’t really know who to turn to. Relics in people’s music paraphernalia, cassettes and vinyl caught the industry off-guard with a mesmerizing renaissance in recent times. Fortunately for people yearning for old-fashioned English cut trousers, there is The Rake’s sartorial guru, Chris Modoo who certainly hadn’t been caught flat-footed. An experienced menswear aficionado who has spent over 20 years on Savile Row, he realised that like old-school audio, people wanted trousers of traditional trimmings back in their wardrobes. The final signal came when he recognized that there was a succinct imbalance of the number of jackets to trousers in his own costume locker. Times have changed a little since their first collection, but with the entrepreneurial spirit of Richard Wheat, the co-founder of Kit Blake, they have cunningly adapted their designs to suit today’s living, but without sacrificing any of their originality.


    Freddie Anderson


    January 2021


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