Kit Blake: Gilt-Edged Trousers

Kit Blake have yet again produced a collection of accomplished classic-cut pants. And they continue to stay one step ahead with a few clever design twists, that allow for multifarious assignments to be performed with ease.

For many years there has been a loophole in the domain of tailored trouser separates. Sometimes the most obvious thing is the hardest to spot. Trousers of classical proportions mimicking the designs worn by the troupe of the stylish elite in the Golden Age of Hollywood were rarely accessible. To pick up pants of this stature, you needed to have a close relationship with a distinguished bespoke tailor, or opt for Edward Sexton’s subversive take on classic trousers. If you were at pains to chiffer away your money on bespoke, the ready-to-wear scene was yet to really offer a united alternative. Fortunately, in the gambit of The Rake’s sartorial guru, Chris Modoo, was a scheme to bring attainable classic-cut trousers back into our wardrobes. Together with the entrepreneurial spirit of co-founder Richard Wheat, not only have they masterminded a comeback for stunning pleated trousers, but they’ve cunningly used cloth, pattern and other subtle design details to make these trousers tremendously versatile and relevant today.

The first wave of their collection in early spring arrived with some enterprising innovations. There was the brand’s first single reverse-pleated model, the “Duke”, whilst there was the inaugural Stretch Aleks drawstring trousers. We’re delighted to tell you that in anticipation of travel, events and socialising becoming more of an option, Kit Blake have arguably mustered up their most inventive, diverse and original collection to date.


    Freddie Anderson


    May 2021


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