Kit Blake: Sterling Trousers

Not a permanent fixture in many people’s wardrobe for a while now, here’s why people are ditching the low-waisted and overly tapered trousers for Kit Blake’s classically tailored trousers, cut in true British style.

Wandering through the stylish districts of old-London, whether it be St James’s or the narrow lanes of the City, it has become rather uncommon to see a gentleman striding to work in a bowler hat carrying a beautifully crafted briefcase. Sightings of tailored trousers of classical proportions have become equally sporadic over the years. There’s infinite reasons why these traditional trimmings have faded away from our streets, but hard to pinpoint an exact one. What we do know is that there is still very much a place for these classical items made in a timeless style – and particularly trousers which offer endless versatility

Fortunately there is a burgeoning company called Kit Blake. It is the vision of one of menswear’s most experienced and passionate aficionados, Chris Modoo who recognized that after looking at his own wardrobe, there was a succinct imbalance of the number of jackets to trousers. Together with entrepreneur Richard Wheat, they have masterminded a comeback for impeccably tailored trousers which perfectly protrude informal elegance.


    Hugo Curran


    July 2020


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