Cut in true British style, Kit Blake trousers retain the odd cunning twist. Here we hone in on a few standout pieces that are included in The Rake Sale.

There is a burgeoning company called Kit Blake. It is the vision of one of menswear’s most experienced and passionate aficionados, Chris Modoo who recognized that after looking at his own wardrobe, there was a succinct imbalance of the number of jackets to trousers. Together with the entrepreneurial spirit of co-founder Richard Wheat, not only have they masterminded a comeback for stunning pleated trousers, but they’ve cunningly used cloth, pattern and other subtle design details to make these trousers tremendously versatile and relevant today.

Chris Modoo is known to be an excellent judge on when particular fabrics should be worn and in what tone. His forensic scrutiny of these topics certainly transcends into the Kit Blake collection. And by that, I mean, only the best and most appropriate fabrics have been used this summer, and in the right colour palettes. Cut in a rich Irish linen, the tobacco pleated slim Aleks are a beautiful example of this seasonal consideration. The trousers are lightweight, cool and crisp to touch making them suitable for the advection of hot air. Modoo once told The Rake: “Brown is a very useful evening colour”. Wear these trousers with a pale jacket or shirt at a smart Greek taverna, and you’ll be protruding just the right amount of informal elegance. If you prefer to wear a lighter tone during the day, these trousers also come in a very romantic Sahara gold shade, and are unlined for added breathability.

    The slim Aleks are one of the iconic products of the Kit Blake brand. Inadequately cut seersucker pants can look dreadful, and however well you accessorize, it is unlikely you can salvage any sort of look. Most seersucker trousers on the market are poorly cut, but not Kit Blake’s version. Imbuing all of the classic design details you would expect from expertly crafted trousers, it means they arrive in a flattering and beautiful shape. Their slim model features the same razor-sharp double-pleats, high-waistband and side adjusters as their Aleksandar model, but come with a slightly slimmer profile towards the lower leg. A high-quality pair of seersucker pants, can be your go-to summer trousers, and paired with neat penny loafers and a knitted polo short or T-shirt you will be beetling out the right measure of relaxed elegance, that summer so often calls for.


    Freddie Anderson


    June 2021


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