Lardini: An enrichment of travel

Inspired by the landscape of Japan, Lardini have masterminded some stunning check jackets, whilst the rest of the high-quality assortment looks forward to when travel is accessible for all again.

The ‘Made in Italy’ appellation as Alessio Lardini, the brand’s director of product development once told The Rake: “Is a guarantee of quality, in all senses of the word.” Lardini’s Made in Italy credibility was solidified a long time ago. Founded in 1978 by 18-year-old Luigi Lardini, who is still at the helm as creative director, the company got its start as a manufacturer of fine menswear for leading Italian luxury brands such as Etro, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo and Versace. During this phase, the company didn’t carry the Lardini name. However, since 1993, Luigi’s philosophy of “elegance and sobriety” has been able to shine through under his own name, when the first Lardini-branded collection launched.

The aforementioned philosophy is an extremely important one to consider, starting with how they achieve elegance. “The company pays special attention to innovation on the fit of each garment,” says Luigi, “and the importance of research and creativity in choosing fabrics and patterns that can give elegance to every single piece.” They have mastered the art of contemporary elegance, but it has been done with a halcyon sense of responsibility. One of the strengths of the company is its close relationship with their artisans at their Filottrano plant. Not only are Lardini known for their strong family ties, but they’ve always been innovative when it comes to being more sustainable. Their spring/summer 21 collection very much attests to this with the invention of their ‘Rexclusive’ fabric. The yarn is obtained from recycled plastic bottles – and is imbued on a number of creations in their ‘Rexclusive’ line which can be found on the official Lardini online store.


Freddie Anderson


April 2021


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