Lardini's Latest Leap

Revered Italian tailoring house Lardini is staying true to its spirit of innovation, having just launched a new online boutique that is bound to strengthen its presence in the international market.

Regular readers of The Rake will no doubt be familiar with Lardini, a menswear label loved by the world for its elegant yet innovative approach to traditional tailoring. Boldly contemporary with its sartorial roots steeped in Italian heritage, it has come to be instantly recognisable by the simple woollen flower attached to each of its jackets’ lapel buttonholes - a nod to the nouvelle vague style of the 1970s, the era in which it was conceived.

Its beginnings were humble: armed with a passion for style and a sense of sheer determination, a young Luigi Lardini launched his own menswear collection in 1978, in the small medieval town of Filottrano, Italy. It wasn’t long before his siblings Andrea, Lorena and later Annarita jumped on board, each taking on different roles to foster the development of their burgeoning business.

And burgeon it did. With a consistently forward-thinking and modern outlook, Lardini has evolved beyond a family-owned tailoring house to become one of Italy’s most successful exports. Today, the label continues to grow, embarking on creative collaborations, expanding into numerous international markets and exploring ground-breaking technological techniques to assist in manufacturing and distribution, whilst maintaining their unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Its most recent venture is the greatly anticipated launch of its own online boutique, allowing international fans of the brand to quickly and easily purchase formal and casual clothing and accessories, carefully curated according to seasonality. It’s a big moment for Luigi Lardini, now Creative Director of the brand, who has watched his company grow from strength to strength over the past 41 years. "We are happy to be able to bring our product overseas, thus strengthening direct dialogue with the American consumer, always attentive to detail and the quality of Made in Italy, elements that have always distinguished us," he says.

As well as providing customers with a straightforward, fuss-free way to shop, Lardini’s e-commerce platform features a dedicated editorial space focusing on trends and traditions within the world of menswear. It's further proof of Lardini's dedication to keeping up with the changing times, and evidence that heritage and innovation can and should go hand in hand.


    Aobh O'Brien-Moody


    June 2019


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