Lardini: Easy Does It

Initiated in 2017, under the chimerical vision of Luigi Lardini, the brand’s pioneering Easy-Wear offering might just be on its way to becoming more relevant and popular than ever before.

Embedded in the family of Lardini is a kindred spirit of innovation. The basis of the Italian style may now be internationally identified, but it is Lardini’s youthful and innovative approach that has made it stand out from its predecessors and peers. It is a mentality that has been carried forward to this present day, where special projects are frequent. For some firms, the acceleration with which the world changed this past year, provoked a knee-jerk reaction to adapt. Rapid change, with minimal preparation is seldom fruitful. Lardini have never had this problem – as by placing significant importance on research and creativity they have been well-equipped to accommodate the changing needs of society.


Freddie Anderson


May 2021


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