Introducing Lardini's LIKNIT Range

Refusing to rest on its laurels, Lardini has introduced a new yarn processing technique that results in light, breathable fabrics you won’t want to resist.

When you think of Lardini, what comes to mind? Expression, creativity, and innovation are just a few of the ways we would describe the Italian brand’s clothing and accessories. Based in the enchanting town of Filottrano, in the region of Marche - the same place painter Raphael comes from – Lardini are always pushing new boundaries, utilising the latest technologies to stay a step ahead. As Raphael himself once said (with some foresight), ‘you should see me; dressed to kill’ – and one look at Lardini’s LIKNIT range, it’s hard not to imagine yourself in these dangerously suave and sexy pieces, roaming down an unknown Italian ‘via’, or a London ‘lane’, with the sense of confidence and nonchalance the LIKNIT range brings to the wearer.

This isn’t just a beautiful collection; it wouldn’t be Lardini if it simply looked good. The name LIKNIT comes from a combination of 'like' and 'knit', and the design-team have produced something distinguished for both maximum lightness and extreme comfort. Ever the innovators, Lardini have used the latest generation of machinery to create a highly-resistant fabric that also confers lightness and breathability. Perhaps that’s why they feel so naturally-fitted and comfortable when worn.

The mesh sheets that are characteristic in the LIKNIT designs are woven thinly, paired with jersey fabrics that add supportive stability to each garment. The materials used are picked because they allow recirculation of oxygen between the garment and the wearer’s environment. With this much technical prowess, you would think we were talking about some street-chic piece, but Lardini have ensured that these innovations are not at the cost of their usual elegance and luxury.

What Lardini have done is produce a collection of timeless pieces that will make you feel good when wearing them - not because of some sentimental affection attached to the piece (though we’re sure that will come too); but because the technologies employed in the materials work to ensure you feel just as good as you look.

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September 2019


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