Larusmiani's new classics

The Italian tailoring and textile brand Larusmiani is still the kingpin of Via Montenapoleone and this season’s casual classics live up to the crown.

Pop quiz: Who is the oldest luxury tailoring house and textile producer on Milan's Via Montenapoleone? Chances are the name on your lips is Ermenegildo Zegna. It was the 'textile producer' bit that led you to think of Zegna, right? You're not so far wrong, but you are wrong. Zegna might have been founded a decade before Larusmiani, but the latter was first to put its footprint on Milan's most famous shopping destination, somewhere it has enjoyed inhabiting to this day.

To the average ear, Larusmiani might not mean a great deal, but the trained ear will most certainly prick up at the mention. The third generation family-owned brand distributes more than 2 million metres of fabrics per year, most of which are Italian, ranging from cotton, wool, cashmere, to silk and linen. The company’s textile collection combines tradition, innovation, functionality and performance, with over 60 years of research experience developing new techniques and blends. Every season, for example, Larusmiani comes out with almost 300 new articles between classical, technical and extremely precious fabrics such as vicuna.


    Ryan Thompson


    December 2019


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