Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Dispatched within a day, we handpick a wide selection of gifts that will arrive before the eleventh hour moment strikes.
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Some of you may have been well prepared this year and bought your mélange of gifts for friends and family well in advance. Others leave it till the last minute, which usually initiates a mad scramble to acquire the necessary gifts. Luckily at The Rake we have you covered with a wide selection of artisanal gifts, that will be dispatched within one working day. You can shop the next day gifting assortment here.

Grooming material and fragrances from the very best chemists are always extremely well-received at Christmas. Discerning noses will be turning the right way at the scent of any one of the fragrances from Jermyn Street’s master perfumer Floris.

    Ties might be looking rather redundant in your accessory pecking order. They will have a resurgence and so it’s always handy to have a few handmade ones in your top tier for when the occasion does arise. Italian firms, Mess of Blues, Fumagalli 1891 and Rubinacci are your best port of call for high-quality silk ties.

      Last year we were only merely familiar with people sporting masks in the major cities of the Far East. Spending a touch more on masks, which are designed in accordance with recommendations from the NHS and other authoritative sources, is wise for peace of mind. Early adopters of the masks, Serà Fine Silk use beautiful silks from Como, whilst Dapper Villains use 100% Egyptian cotton for comfort. Everything is rather dull at the moment, so why not have some fun with a stylish paisley silk mask from Serà Fine Silk or with The Rake limited edition Negroni Dachshund print masks from Dapper Villains.

        Hats get flung up in the air with newspapers at popular horse and motor racing tracks around the world. In that moment of excitement, your hat is never to be seen again. The design team at Cappellificio Biellese are constantly inspired by their archive, which dates back to 1935. You can see these original designs imbued in their selection of wool, tweed and flannel hats.

          Smart, casual and sometimes louche, the scarf has the rare ability to transform the character of your outfit. It’s not only down to the scarf itself, but how you want to wear it. If you’re looking for insulation, Johnstons of Elgin's black classic cashmere scarf will do the job. Alternatively, there is a beautiful selection of wool and silk paisley print scarves from Serà Fine Silk. Fumagalli 1891 who have been based in silk mecca Como for over 120 years will inject some old-school glamour with their discerning variety of colours.

            The Rake has very recently introduced gift cards to use on They come in various amounts, so instead of falling foul of buying the wrong item for a loved one, you can leave it up to them.

              A subscription or back issue of The Rake magazine will certainly get the style juices flowing for someone close to you. It is even better if the person in mind takes a close interest in classic men's elegance.


                Freddie Anderson


                December 2020


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