Lifestyle Focus: The Zenith A3818 "The Airweight Cover Girl" For REVOLUTION & THE RAKE

For the launch of the “The Airweight Cover Girl”, we explore the lifestyle suitabilities of this masterful and sporty timepiece from Zenith.
Prince Albert of Belgium in 1965. (Photo by Photo News via Getty Images)

The debate on who is superior in a celebrated sporting rivalry usually rages on long after the competitors have retired. In most instances it is straightforward for people to voice their opinion. Rarely do you witness epic contests between two sporting icons whose personality and style echo each other. In motorsport three-time F1 champion Niki Lauda was easy going and a relentless perfectionist, whilst he said of his nemesis James Hunt: “For me, James was the most charismatic personality who’s ever been in Formula One.” In the heavyweight boxing division Lennox Lewis stood at 6 ft 5 in and Mike Tyson 5 ft 10 in, and whilst Lewis was a laid-back gentleman boxer, Tyson, the one-time “Baddest Man on the Planet”, was prone to spates of extreme volatility. And in tennis, albeit still occurring on court, the rallies between the ethereal backhand of Roger Federer and vigorous forehand of Rafael Nadal are legendary.


    Freddie Anderson


    February 2022


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